Hindi Movie : LuvUTurn released on 29 November 2019


LuvUTurn is a Hindi film released on 29 November 2019. Directed by Harish Raut, this film features the main characters Ruslaan Mumtaz, Adhvik Mahajan, Ruhi Chaturvedi and Purva Rana.

This film tells the love story of a triangle between Ishika, Ronik, Sahej. Initially Ishika "Purva Rana" was left by Ronik "Ruslaan Mumtaz" to realize his dream and then went to New York. After a few years, Ishika and Sahej traveled on "Adhvik Mahajan" on a business trip to Bangkok, where Ishika Shruti met "Ruhi Chaturvedi". Ishika and Shruti are childhood friends. It turns out that Ronik and Shruti are dating.

Ishika is a cheerful girl, but now she changes the stage of her dream after agreeing that the Sahej building will decide to move to the next relationship, but leaves Sahej as an IT worker who has more time to do her work Ishika her feelings and doubts arise in the marriage plans. Sahej wants to come to Bangkok to set up his company and bring Ishika. After arriving in Bangkok as usual, Sahej's work was a priority and he forgot the isolation that Ishika left on his journey without him. While chatting online, Ishika finds her best friend, Shruti, a model who shoots in Pattaya and asks Ishika to gather together for fun. After Sahej was confirmed, Ishika went to Pattaya and joined Shruti. The compilation runs and connects them with fashion photographer Ronik, who supports his ex-girlfriend on campus with his first love, and all memories of the present begin to persecute Ishika suddenly with Ronik Ishika, who has succeeded in reversing the past. finished and living in the present and happy.

Shruti left with Ronik and those who had just finished a few months. But Shruti told Ishika that Ronik was the kindest man she had ever met, and that was the first thing she did to him. At the shooting party at night, the natural and atmospheric liars make Ishika and Shruti drink to fame, only to realize that in the heat of the night, Ishika and Ronik understand the joys of their past and those who go wherever they go can see the same thing in Ishika's yard was shocked in the morning about her condition and denied that additional wine according to Ronik made sense, but could not be moved. Ishika asks him to forget tonight because he is just one of the friends who shouldn't ask why the two of them moved into their lives and have no relationship with their relationship. Fun at night. It's harder to be afraid of Sahej and Shruti because they want to come back, Sahej Shock is shocked and follows him. The more he wanted to avoid Ronik, the more ways he could take now - the embarrassing first moments of Ishika and Ronik starting to avoid each other. They are stronger dressed and after a while they follow the wind and enjoy the love of old wine, which becomes increasingly unbearable.

Now the collection of complications is greater, there are irregularities in the relationship. Ronik and Ishika decide that they must tell the truth to their partners and continue with Ronik, who receives a heavy blow from the compilation of Shruti and Ishika, who uses the same as Sahejasa, when When he wants to go home, he knows that he has chosen the Sahej attraction the innocent and unconditional love to accept it without questioning his actions.

Besides this film, you have a Tamil Movie "Aayiram Jenmangal" which will be released at the end of 2019.

Official Trailer: Luv U Turn | Ruslan Mumtaz, Adhvik, Purva Rana, Ruhi Chaturvedi | Releasing 29 Nov

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